3D Mixed Reality Command Centre

A 3D Mixed Reality Command Centre (3D MR CC) is used of visualizing contextually relevant and online spatial information from different data sources to the decision-makers. The 3D MR CC allows the user to experience the virtual world without losing connection to the real world. This type of experience allows the user to keep the awareness of the real world (what is happening around them) and at the same time use for their benefit the virtual spatially correct representation of the SnR data.

Volunteer application

The Volunteer Application has been developed with the purpose of knowing the human resources availability in case of emergency. In the App, any individual or organization can register to offer their help in any kind of disaster that may occur. Through the Command Center, the App is going to inform the Command Officer of the total amount of volunteers available and use them properly according to their skills and equipment.

Emergency Response Health Condition Monitoring Device

The Emergency Response Health Condition Monitoring Device is equipped with sensors that can measure critical vital signs to be used both by first responders and victims. The device will be able to measure heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen levels, and body temperature and provide an approximate estimate of the blood pressure. These data are aso transferred to the main SnR Platform, in order to enhance the situation awareness from the field.

Ε-learning based platform

The e-learning platform enhances participants’ understanding, knowledge, and skills in terms of safety and security management at operational and strategic levels. The users will be better prepared for field operations and also act as security advisors within a response team providing them with the knowledge and skills to act appropriately according to the safety regulations.