Publications & Presentations


In this section you may find all publications carried out by the S&R partners, as well as a link to download.

2021 IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering Dynamic surface electromyography using stretchable screen printed textile electrodes UNICA Download
2021 Computing in Cardiology Validation of A Novel Tattoo Electrode for ECG Monitoring UNICA Download
2021 UB3 - Larcier L’obligation de sécurité des données personnelles : vers un standard de « diligence digitale » ? VUB Download


In this section, you may find all presentations carried out by the S&R partners.

03/04/2022 Interdisciplinary e-tutoring event @Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge "e-learning, interdisciplinary module support, assessment strategies, course recruitment and future educational developments" Oral speech and presentation of the elearning material prepared within the project/td> UGL Health professionals and academy partners 50
11/02/2022 International Conference on Planning, challenges of disaster management and resilence (Hybrid) "Challenges of disaster Management and resilience" Oral speech SUMMA112, ESDP End users and academy partners 150 into
07/02/2022 XVIth World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress, Calgary, Canada 2022 Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress, Topic: Disaster Risk Management Oral/poster presentation CERTH, UHASSELT Road and disaster management practitioners 50
21/12/2021 III Jornadas Tecnicas del Sector IT. Sustainable Development Goals "Technology, a key element for meeting sustainable development goals Oral presentation" SUMMA112 end users, research, SME industry 130
07/12/2021 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR: CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION AND RESILIENCE OF ROAD NETWORKS (IN LOW AND MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRIES), Kampala, UGANDA, December 6-8, 2021 ( Session 2: BUILDING CAPACITY FOR ADAPTATION AND RESILIENCE (ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL) Presentation. Title: How definitions may shape community resilience capacity building CERTH research, end-users, industry, road transportastion stakeholders, Uganda National Road Authority 130
30/11/2021 PSCE Conference Search and Rescue. Ethics in catastrophes Poster and short presentation ESDP First responders, researchers, policy makers, industry, companies 150
25/11/2021 SafeGreece 2021 Search and Rescue. Ethics in catastrophes Oral presententation ESDP First responders and researchers. 1000
27-29/10/2021 "Sociedad Española de Calidad Asistencial" (Spanish Society for Quality Care) congress Quality topics affecting patients and health management Poster in Virtual Conference. Abstract is included in the Conference Paper and Reports Book SUMMA112 First responders. Health professionals 500
27-29/10/2021 "Sociedad Española de Calidad Asistencial" (Spanish Society for Quality Care) congress Quality topics affecting patients and health management Poster in Virtual Conference. Abstract is included in the Conference Paper and Reports Book SUMMA112 First responders. Health professionals 500
2-4/11/2021 ICN 2021 World Nursing Virtual Congress "New technologies Innovation." Virtual Congress. Abstract is included in the Conference Paper and Reports Book SUMMA112 End users, health proffesionals, Nurses 5000
12-13/10/2021 SMAU "New technologies Innovation." Presentation of SnR project. UCSC End-user, Research, Industry, Companies, Start-ups, etc. 1000
27/09/2021 " 2021 - 51st Annual Conference of the German Informatics Society 27st - 30st September 2021 in Berlin & Online" "Special TracksSpecial Tracks Sustainable Mobility Advances and Gaps in Risk Information Management Information Systems, AI and Circular Economy Environmental Health Informatics Modelling and Simulation of Systems Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability Energy related Topics"" 14:00 - 16:00 | Special Track: Advances and Gaps in Risk Information Management II (EnviroInfo) SUMMA112 End users , research and industry 150
11/09/2021 85th TIF-Helexpo (Greece) "TIF is the greatest International Fair in Greece. It aims to contribute to the redefining of the needs of Greek society, to boost its historic memory, and to bring citizens closer to new digital services and technologies, innovations, and Greek production. exhibition sections that compose the 85th TIF, are: GREECE (Pas - Present - Future) ENERGY-CIRCULAR ECONOMY DIGITAL GREECE GREECE & ENTREPRENEURSHIP ELECTROMOBILITY AKADEMIA E-GAMING" Exhibition with presentation and self-testing possibilities CERTH End-users, national authorities, industry, transportation & civil protection stakeholders 263737
02/09/2021 ICTR 2021 International Congress on Transportation Research Special tracks and sessions are part of the EnviroInfo conference and included within the EnviroInfo review system. They bring together papers of one specific topic. Thus, the same rules for submissions apply as for the entire conference. Important rules for submissions and dates can be found here. Presentation & paper published in congress proceedings CERTH Research, end-users, industry, transportastion stakeholders 230
12/06/2021 Annual congress of PUI Annual activities 2020 and program of 2021 Presentation of S&R program PUI - RED CROSS - SECOURS POPULAIRE End users, local authorities 100
08/06/2021 3rd International Plenary Meeting (online) of PIARC (World Road Association) TC 1.4 on “Climate change and resilience of road networks” “The role of definitions in building community resilience” Presentation CERTH Road stakeholders TBD
24-26/05/2021 International CBRN Training
to CBRN Incidents for trainers of First Responders
Presenting SnR Presentation European first responders and NATO Professionals Civil and militar first responders 300
12/05/2021 Clinic Session Health emergencies and new technologies Live session on Servicio de Urgencias Medicas Platform SUMMA112 Health emergencies profesionals involved in Snr Project, FASTER Project and INTREPID H2020 Projects 1600
22-23/04/2021 ICENI 2021 (International Conference on Emergency Nursing and Interventions). London Technology, data science, health science Paper and oral presentation ESDP Academic researchers from data science, technology and health 70
21/04/2021 Sino - Japan Advanced Medicine, New Drug R&D and Crisis Management Conference Drug R&D and Healthcare Emergencies Virtual Conference UGL Healthcare agencies professionals, Public Administrators Researchers 350
19/04/2021 - 07/05/2021 HNPW21 Humanitarian action and resilience Exhibition booth with itneractive sessions PROECO NTUA PSCE PUI General public
7-9/04/2021 COVI19 congress of the Spanish Society of Critical Patient Care (SEAPC) Critical Patient Care (medic) Poster and paper presentation SUMMA112 end users 117
30/01/2021 Search Rescue-Technologies for first responders-Roman PROECO-CBRNE Cluster
27/01/2021 All Things Security Conference 2021 • Security
• Fire Prevention
• Smart & Building Automation
• Homeland Security
Virtual EPAYPS - KT End users, industrials, research
03/12/2020 Clustering Webinar on New Technologies for First Responders New Technologies for First Responders Presentation PSCE/NTUA/PROECO Related projects 120
27/11/2020 Notte Europea dei ricercatori in Italia Interview on the topics of S&R Live Interview UNICA Public
26/11/2020 NICOSIA RISK FORUM 2020 Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience Presentation PSCE/PROECO
18/11/2020 Innovation Series- The Role of Digital Tools S&R tools and methodology Live Session on UKeMED Platform UGL Health Professionals, Public Administrators Researchers 100
27-29/10/2020 "Sociedad Española de Calidad Asistencial" (Spanish Society for Quality Care) congress Search and Rescue (S&R)- efficiency and effectiveness aimed at victims. Virtual Conference. Abstract will be included in the Conference Paper and Reports Book ESDP First responders. Health professionals mainly 2.535 people registered
15/10/2020 Healthcare Investment Conference in Nikosia Cyprus Presenting S&R Presentation UGL Healthcare Professionals, e-health Business companies. 300
26-27/09/2020 V.I.A.TI.C.U.M. ERASMUS+ virtual partner’s meeting - Limoges Presenting S&R in 8 EU partners/PUI FRANCE Meeting European first responders European first responders 17 european countries
19/09/2020 General Annual Congress of PUI FRANCE – Limoges Annual congress PUI FRANCE/ Presentation of the complete SR project Meeting/training Municipality, Regional representant, First responders 100
12-13/09/2020 Village de la Croix-Rouge – Limoges Exhibition and presentation of the activities of PUI FRANCE Exhibition Public, National Red Cross Public, first responders 3412
10/09/2020 Conference IEDO France Drone – Nanterre (Paris) Presentation of drones’ usage during USAR operations/PUI/drones in the SR project Meeting and conferences, After action review Fire service, police, military, red-cross End users 80
5-6/09/2020 Forum of associations – Limoges Exhibition and presentation of the activities of PUI FRANCE and SR project Meeting, exhibition public, Municipality of Limoges Public 4017
26-28/07/2020 IEEE Cyber Security and Resilience Conference S&R's Dynamic risk management Paper Presentation KT Cyber Security and Resilience Domain Experts ca 120