COncORDE Platform

COncORDE is a cloud-based platform, dedicated to Crisis management operations. This platform is assigned to enhance the S&R field operations with its EMS features, starting with the incident management service, and the user management, among others. All the SnR Technologies are integrated and adapted in COncORDE, in order to release a final platform, enhanced with situational awareness and precise decision making. This is the final SnR Platform.


Smartwatch is provided by KT for the SnR project needs. The smartwatch aims to provide the heart rate monitor, timestamp, and average speed among other valuable data of the first responders. Moreover, there is the option to also take health measurements from the patients on the field. These data are also transferred to the main SnR Platform, in order to enhance the situation awareness from the field. 


The SOT DSS is intended to support the end-users regarding decision-making. It provides the following Services:

  • Service 1 concerns the recommendation of the most efficient allocation of resources to incidents by using optimization techniques. 
  • Service 2 concerns the recommendation of the most efficient allocation of patients to hospitals using optimization techniques. 
  • Service 3 concerns the recommendation of allocation of tasks to available actors on the field, given demand pre-defined by the field commander. 
  • Service 4 concerns the estimation of casualties during the incident.

Data Lake Ecosystem

The Data Lake ecosystem was built with the scope to support S&R operations with homogeneous knowledge coming from a variety of field sources. The Data Lake Services consume these data and aggregate them into specific directories in the File System, in order to be spread to the rest services and the final SnR Platform.