Existing Historical Databases

An API has been created in order to extract historical data for past crisis events from existing databases like past incidents and large-scale disasters for natural, and technological hazards. These data support crisis preparedness activities and provide common information to enhance awareness.

Rescue MIMS

The RESCUE-MIMS device delivered inside the SnR project can be used for the early detection of toxic environments for the first responders in terms of hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (semi-VOCs) identified in the disaster environment. It can also be mounted on firefighters’ vehicles (roving system) or tested as a payload on robotic platforms in order to serve as a screening tool for early warning. This configuration can protect first responders as well as canines from exposure to toxic environments. These data are aso transferred to the main SnR Platform, in order to enhance the situation awareness from the field.