As a European Research & Innovation project, our consortium has been entrusted by European Civil Society to design and develop innovative technologies and equipment for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. It is precisely to address events such as the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 6th that the Search and Rescue project has been designed and funded.

With this message we would like to highlight 6 organisations that we are proud to count as partners in our project, which were mobilized in the SAR operations and/or disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake.

International Emergency Firefighters (PUI) mobilized for a week in Kahramanmaraş, with three rescue dogs, a drone, a thermal camera and a search scanner. Their mission notably enabled the rescue of an 11-year-old girl from the rubble. Their whole intervention has been reported on the French National Television, which can be watched in French here ->

30 volunteers from the Ελληνική Ομάδα Διάσωσης – Hellenic Rescue Team with SAR dogs and specialized equipment were mobilized. The volunteers were equipped with hydraulic rescue series, evacuation tools, thermal cameras, dangerous gas detectors, generators, telecommunications equipment, stretchers, defibrillators and other specialized First Aid equipment.

Faced with the catastrophe and under the umbrella of the contingent that Spain has sent to help in the search and rescue efforts, the School of Rescue and Detection with Dogs (ESDP) has provided two canine handlers with their rescue dogs and a veterinary assistant technician , integrated into the Immediate Response Team of the Community of Madrid (ERICAM), together with firefighters and medical staff from the Servicio de Urgencia Médica de la Comunidad de Madrid (SUMMA-112), which has provided 2 doctors, 2 nurses and 4 medical technicians using Geophones and telescopic cameras.

3 members of Ένωση Πτυχιούχων Αξιωματικών Υπαξιωματικών Πυροσβετικού Σώματος (EPAYPS) participated in the Hellenic Team that operates in the Hatay region.

A five-person Johanniter GmbH assessment team was sent to the earthquake zone and participated in the disaster relief efforts with local partner organisations.

When it comes to the detection of victims trapped under debris and collapsed structures, a few seconds can make all the difference. It is therefore crucial that responders are supported with the best available technologies and equipment to make their interventions as efficient, fast and safe as possible. As a research project, most of the solutions that we develop are in the prototype phase, but we are confident that they will be soon used in operations to enhance the timing, efficiency and safety of SAR operations.

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