June 2023

This newsletter keeps you updated on the latest activities of the Search & Rescue (SnR) project and informs you on news and activities related to Search and Rescue operations. On behalf of the consortium, we hope you enjoy reading this issue.

The SnR Final Conference


The final conference of the Search and Rescue project took place at Lavrion Technological and Cultural park in Greece. This was a great opportunity for the consortium to show interested stakeholders as well as the public a summary of the results and achievements of the project in the past 3 years. Throughout 7 Use Cases simulating various SAR scenarios, the project has designed and fine-tune various innovative equipment and tools to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of first responders’ engaged in SAR operations. To balance presentations with real-life lessons learnt, to combine theory and practice, we have illustrated in a dedicated session how end-users from our consortium were involved in the rescue efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Turkey in February. These experiences have clearly shown that innovations are needed in the field of SAR, and crisis management in general. Whether to enhance coordination, communication, safety of responders or victim detection capabilities, new solutions can save human lives.

Advances in Search and Rescue (workshop)

The “Advances in Search and Rescue Operations” event, organized by UKEMED GLOBAL LTD (UGL), was held on April 20th, 2023, at the Hilton Nicosia hotel in Cyprus. The event was really successful in bringing together end users, experts and practitioners from various fields to discuss and showcase the latest advancements in search and rescue operations, which will undoubtedly contribute to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of these critical services. Also, the feedback from the representatives of the Ministries and relevant agencies was very positive and individual follow-up appointments have been arranged for further discussions.

Standardisation for SAR (workshop)

The workshop aimed to raise awareness of the benefit of standardization within research projects and presented how some projects (SnR, STRATEGY) have integrated these activities into their work. In light of the recently adopted Code of Practice for standardization in the European research area, the workshop presented outcomes from different projects. It offered the opportunity to discuss with key stakeholders and learn how to best valorize project results. The workshop focused on recent standardization development in the area of crisis management and search and rescue more specifically, namely presenting in detail three Cen Workshop Agreements (CWAs) on key topics related to search and rescue operations.

Citizen & Community Engagement for SAR operations (Webinar)

This webinar addressed societal considerations in SAR operations and how to use local communities to enhance crisis response and make society more resilient. Societal considerations are a key topic in the Search and Rescue project which has identified two specific challenges that were the central topics of the webinar.

  • The management and optimization of Volunteers
  • communication with local communities and how to better leverage local knowledge

We were happy to count on a presentation from the European Commission (DG ECHO) who presented the European Union’s Disaster Resilience Goals as well as the participation of the ENGAGE and RESILOC projects.

Overview of the 7 SnR Use Cases (video)


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This Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 882897