January 2023

This newsletter keeps you updated on the latest activities of the Search & Rescue (SnR) project and informs you on news and activities related to Search and Rescue operations. On behalf of the consortium, we hope you enjoy reading this issue.


We are happy to announce our upcoming SnR webinar, which will address societal considerations in SAR operations and how to leverage on the potential of local communities to enhance crisis response and make society more resilient. Societal considerations are a key topic in the Search and Rescue project which has identified two specific challenges that will be the main topics of the webinar:

  • The management and optimization of Volunteers
  • communication with local communities and how to better leverage local knowledge

The RESILOC and ENGAGE EU-funded projects, which are specifically working on thi s field of study, will share their findings and experience. The webinar is open to all and free of charge!


End of SnR testing & evaluation phase

2022 marked the testing & evaluation phase of our project, with 7 Use Cases spanning 6 European countries. Large amounts of resources and personnel were mobilized throughout the year and across Europe to test and validate the equipment and technologies developed. Although primarily technical events, the SnR Use Cases were also used as a means to raise awareness and enhance the visibility of the project towards relevant stakeholders (practitioners, industry, resreach, EU policy makers) as well as the general public. Because Images speak louder than words we made an infographic summarising the testing phase in numbers!


Use Case 7 in Madrid (Spain)

The exercise has been organized on December 15th 2022 at the local level by both the Spanish School of Rescue & Detection with Dogs & the Emergency Medical Service of the Community of Madrid – SUMMA 112, & mobilized more professionals from GIRECAN firefigthers, Protección Civil & Municipal Police of Villaviciosa de Odón, VIGILES Institute of formation for firefighters, and CBRN unit of SUMMA112, for a total of around 100 persons involved. The Use Case scenario illustrated collapsed stgructures and a chemical spill.


Use Case 4 in Korinthos (Greece)

The exercise took place in Korinthos (Greece) on November 5th 2022 and simulated a forest fire that affects a neighboring industrial zone. Due to the strong winds and the dry forest fuel, the fire expanded rapidly towards the residential area. Huge quantities of smoke was produced and hence, the nearby communities were requested by the relevant stakeholders to evacuate. The use of aerial Fire-fighting means was restricted due to the strong winds, so operations were forced to take place on the ground. Due to the specific morphology of the area and the extreme meteorological conditions the fire expanded and approaches industrial/critical infrastructure facilities. Because of the dense smoke produced and the reduced visibility, responders ended up trapped and needing for rescue.


Use Case 2 in Thessaloniki (Greece)

The SnR Use Case 2 took place near Thessaloniki, on November 12th 2022. The scenario featured a forced landing of a passenger propeller aircraft due to mechanical problems upon approaching the airport of Thessaloniki. Despite the efforts of the pilot, the aircraft crashed in a remote location of the mountainous area around the city, 30 minutes hiking distance from the nearest dirt road. A number of first responders were involved in the incident (HRT, public civil protection, the army, the fire department, and the police) participated in the pilot


Participation to a webinar on Robots & UAVs to support first responders operations

On 29 November SnR participated to a webinar on Robots and Unmanned Vehicles to support First Responders Operations. The webinar was organised by the RESPOND-A and gathered projects and initiatives developing robots and UAVs for crisis management. 80 participants attended the webinar from Europe and worldwide. This was a great opportunity for SnR partners NTUA and DFKI to present their work, namely the rescue MIMS and other SnR rescue robots.


Clustering Session @ Nicosia Risk Forum 2022

SnR participated to a session on new Technologies for First Responders as part of the Nicosia Risk Forum on November 16th 2022. The session, which was broadcasted live during the event, featured presentations from 6 EU-funded projects (RESPOND-A/Search-and-Rescue/RESCUER/ASSISTANCE/INGENIOUS/TEAMAWARE). Developing innovative technologies for First Responders. After the presentations followed a very fruitful open discussion on certain issues, common to all EU funded projects in this field (gap analysis, end-user requirements/involvement, exploitation, sustainability, standard operational procedures, adaptiveness new technologies). The session was informative for the public and also a great occasion for projects working in the same field to share knowledge.


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This Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 882897