Madrid, 08:45: a 5.5 magnitude earthquake shakes the whole city, having a special incidence in a residential building area, near a hospital. As a consequence of this event, a chemical hazard incident occurred, in addition to the damage to several buildings.

The exercise has been organized at the local level by both the Escuela Española de Salvamento y Deteccion con Perros (Spanish School of Rescue & Detection with Dogs) & the Servicio de Urgencia Médica de la Comunidad de Madrid – SUMMA 112 (Emergency Medical Service of the Community of Madrid – SUMMA 112), & mobilized more professionals from GIRECAN firefigthers, Protección Civil & Municipal Police of Villaviciosa de Odón, VIGILES Institute of formation for firefighters, and CBRN unit of SUMMA112, for a total of around 100 persons involved in the two scenarios (response to (i) a semi-collapsed structure & (ii) chemical spills).

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