The Community of Madrid, SUMMA 112 as the emergency medical service in charge of the sanitary response for ordinary emergencies and emergencies as well as the crisis management of the catastrophes, has experience in CBRN incidents, terrorism attacks and natural disasters.

The aim of SUMMA 112 is to improve the operational, safety, and rescue procedures for these types of incidents. -The main goal is to test the developed tools and train similar scenarios for the planning and prevention of future events. – Secondly, SUMMA 112 will practice the interoperability of the communication systems. The scope is applicable to activities aimed at providing the service of attention to the situations of multiple victims, both by health and non-health personnel of SUMMA 112.

In addition, the Spanish School of Rescue and Detection with dogs (ESDP) is a volunteer organization formed by guides and dogs with expertise in the detection, search and rescue of victims, as well as in the detection of explosives and drugs. It has been recognized as a Public Utility organization by the Spanish Ministry of Home Affairs.

ESDP will be involved in the UC7, providing the point of view of the K9 teams (rescue dogs and dog handles). The main goal of the K9 teams is to detect victims in order to optimize the response time of fire brigades and medical teams in rescuing victims.

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