This webinar addressed societal considerations in SAR operations and how to use local communities to enhance crisis response and make society more resilient. Societal considerations are a key topic in the Search and Rescue project which has identified two specific challenges that were the central topics of the webinar.

  • The management and optimization of Volunteers
  • communication with local communities and how to better leverage local knowledge

We were happy to count on a presentation from the European Commission (DG ECHO) who presented the European Union’s Disaster Resilience Goals. In addition, two projects contributed to the programme:

The RESILOC project which aims to study and implement a holistic framework of methods and software instruments required for the assessment of resilience indicators in a community. The studies will help design and implement software to collect information on such communities.

The ENGAGE project which explores how individuals and local practices can interrelate effectively with planned preparedness and response, practitioners and technology. By studying the current strategies, methods, tools and practices, the project combines and extends these to create innovative solutions for disaster management.

The webinar was attended by 190 participants from across Europe and worldwide.

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